• Who were these crazy shamans, and what were they doing?

    When I got started healing, I was almost always following Valinar around. Made sense to me at the time! I could throw an Earth shield on him, drop Strength of Earth and Windfury down, and trail behind him skinning things. When we started getting into instances, I was still basically glued to Valinar, and we […]

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  • 3.2 changes

    (To be updated as I figure more stuff out…) General + New quest log: IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME. + Sell value: Ibid. + iLvl and info on the tooltip: Ibid ibid! + Class colors in /say, /channel, /etc.: Woohoo! + Heirloom chestpiece: Okay, so I didn't really want my druid to run around in Dreadmist, […]

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  • The early what, now?

    Getting this shirt made me think about my characters, and which of them are morning people. (If you can't guess by the fact that I own the shirt, the girl at the keys? Definitely a morning person.) Teuthida is less a morning squid than an all-the-time squid. She remains happy and cheerful and bright from […]

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  • Tiny Elekks, Tiny Draenei

    In spite of the fact that Teu has developed enough personality for me to find RP with her really enjoyable, I'm a little antsy about posting early-life stuff of hers; the timeline on Draenor/Outlands/Shattrath/Tempest Keep/Exodar is so very very difficult to parse that it's been hard trying to figure out exactly when Teu and Valyrie […]

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  • In-character views of Noblegarden

    Over at, Aelflaed has something to say about all those bunny ears. *Teu nods along, going from wide-eyed to squinting in confusion* …no no, certainly you are not bunny! I– *tugs pair of bunny ears off head, sells to vendor* –am not understanding the ears, but– *tugs another pair of bunny ears off head, […]

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  • Anna's Friday Five: The Argent Tournament and Ulduar!

    Today's RP Friday Five from Anna is made of awesome. I've been enjoying the Argent Tournament (more OOC than IC — but only so far) for a whole host of different reasons, to be expanded on here: Is your character participating in the Tourney? (If no, are you doing it OOC?) Teuthida, Ovistine, and Nancie […]

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  • Accents!

    Bricu at WTT:RP has a post on apostrophe addiction today. It's a good one about general accents and dialects; the Wildfire Riders have a lot of Northern folk in their group. I have two separate groups of accented characters — the dwarves and the draenei. Starting in chronological order… Ovistine is a Stormwind-born dwarf (and […]

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  • What my emotes say about me

    I visited Teu's armory page today and glanced around at her Achievements list. A particularly amusing set of statistics: Social Number of hugs: 29 Total facepalms: 8 Total times playing world's smallest violin: – Total times LOL'd: 25 Total cheers: 331 Total waves: 18 What we can take away from this, and how it relates […]

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  • Anna's Friday Five: Describe…

    From Anna's latest Friday Five: What color are your character's eyes? Well, Draenei eyes are kind of white and glowy, so that's what Teu's eyes look like. Ovistine and Agness both have brown eyes; Lyja and Nancie both have blue eyes. What is your character's skin like? Does he or she have freckles, tattoos, or […]

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  • Twilight Vanquisher Teuthida (and everyone else)

    Oh. Um. You know how I said Sarth+3's days were numbered? And to start counting? And not to make it a big number? The number, it seems, is zero. Grats TRI! Yea, verily, we doth rocketh. (Except for the part where my screenshots didn't actually go off. I thought I had one of everyone's "Twilight […]

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