• How flexible is your timeline?

    When I first leveled up a character on my server, I was right in with the first of the rush. I was L60 at the same time most of the "first generation" were hitting L60, and so it was natural to assume that most people were at the same point in their timeline — they'd […]

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  • And for NaNoWriMo: A Biography

    I keep saying I'm going to write the Epic Tale of the Lighthammers at Angrathar, and I keep not doing it. So you know what's coming up next month? NaNoWriMo. Now, Angrathar doesn't strike me as being a 50,000 word story. But if you were to go back across the whole of Nancie Lighthammer's life, […]

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    Oct 14th, 2009 | Filed under RP Meta
  • Things I'm Excited About In Game

    Anna mentioned today that she's not interested in speculation, partly because she's so busy with game stuff that's going on right now, and that made me think about things I'm excited about in game that's live, not coming up in a future patch. I've been playing a lot of WoW lately — or I was […]

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    Aug 19th, 2009 | Filed under Game meta, Patches
  • The early what, now?

    Getting this shirt made me think about my characters, and which of them are morning people. (If you can't guess by the fact that I own the shirt, the girl at the keys? Definitely a morning person.) Teuthida is less a morning squid than an all-the-time squid. She remains happy and cheerful and bright from […]

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  • Anna's Friday Five: The Argent Tournament and Ulduar!

    Today's RP Friday Five from Anna is made of awesome. I've been enjoying the Argent Tournament (more OOC than IC — but only so far) for a whole host of different reasons, to be expanded on here: Is your character participating in the Tourney? (If no, are you doing it OOC?) Teuthida, Ovistine, and Nancie […]

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    Apr 24th, 2009 | Filed under Backstory, Raid progression
  • Accents!

    Bricu at WTT:RP has a post on apostrophe addiction today. It's a good one about general accents and dialects; the Wildfire Riders have a lot of Northern folk in their group. I have two separate groups of accented characters — the dwarves and the draenei. Starting in chronological order… Ovistine is a Stormwind-born dwarf (and […]

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  • Anna's Friday Five: Describe…

    From Anna's latest Friday Five: What color are your character's eyes? Well, Draenei eyes are kind of white and glowy, so that's what Teu's eyes look like. Ovistine and Agness both have brown eyes; Lyja and Nancie both have blue eyes. What is your character's skin like? Does he or she have freckles, tattoos, or […]

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  • Anna's Friday Five: The Three R's

    Ouch! Sarth+3? Still hurty. In any event, I didn't fill out Anna's Friday Five earlier today, so while I'm licking my wounds (metaphorically), here are some Friday Five answers! Can your character read and write? All my characters can definitely read and write, although of all my girls, Agness and Ovistine are the ones most […]

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  • Anna's Friday Five: Sights and Sounds

    And now we get to the whole reason I started this blog: so I'd have somewhere to post responses to Anna's Friday Five posts. Today's is Sights and Sounds: What is your character's most recognizable trait? (If someone saw your character in a pub/on the street, what would they first notice? What makes them immediately […]

    Feb 13th, 2009 | Filed under Backstory
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