• A year goes by, part 2…

    And now that Ovistine's got her real body back… how's her mum doing?

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    Dec 6th, 2010 | Filed under Ongoing RP
  • Riots, part two

    (( Picking up from here. If you're wondering about Aldras Hale, see this post from the wayback machine. )) It was times like this Ovistine wished she had a shield like her mother's. There were so many people, and she could only toss out her Light-focused shields so often–though a great deal more often than […]

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    Jan 23rd, 2010 | Filed under Ongoing RP
  • Riots in Stormwind

    (( I don't often have the opportunity to get involved in large-scale open RP threads, but when this one came up with the Wildfire Riders (see the timeline), it was something I couldn't pass by. With my girls both having strong ties to people in Stormwind — for good or bad — and with Ovistine […]

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    Jan 19th, 2010 | Filed under Ongoing RP
  • Five questions: On romance

    I've been reading the Aely and Arrens story with all kinds of interest — it's always neat to see how characters' relationships start out. (Also, I can't help but think the fallout from Arrens going all neanderthal and telling Tarquin to keep his paws off Aely must have been awesome.) Romance seems to be the […]

    Dec 11th, 2009 | Filed under Humor, Ongoing RP
  • But why is the boat gone?

    The disadvantage to dragging my heels on things like, say, writing out the Lighthammers at the Wrathgate story is — well, in the end, the game itself moves on, and while characters on their own may not have continuity issues, when your characters are interacting with other characters, continuity in an MMO becomes a whole […]

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    Dec 7th, 2009 | Filed under RP Meta
  • From WTT:RP – Pilgrim's Bounty

    I've been meaning to respond to the WTT:RP post about Pilgrim's Bounty, and what our characters are thinking about all week, but am only just now getting to it. Oh, well — the day's appropriate! For those of you celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving! Recapping the quest text for Pilgrim's Bounty: Won't you celebrate Pilgrim's Bounty with […]

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    Nov 26th, 2009 | Filed under Ongoing RP
  • Investigation

    (( Ovistine's gone missing after recent events with the Boomsticks — or rather, she's not missing, precisely, she's just not trying very hard to be found. Investigations from Valinar and Nancie have turned up nothing, so Nancie calls up an old friend of Ovi's to see if she's heard anything… ))

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    Nov 24th, 2009 | Filed under Ongoing RP
  • /played and playing

    At the risk of making myself /boggle, I gave a look to the /played time on my three most-played characters. Teuthida (L80, raiding main): 62 days, 20 at L80. Ovistine (L75, RP main, main up until late in BC): 67 days Nancie (L80, current favorite for soloing): 19 days, 1 day at L80. (A small […]

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    Nov 6th, 2009 | Filed under Alt progression, Game meta
  • What are they doing right now?

    Every so often it's good to do a check-in post for characters — I should probably do this more often than I do. There's been some serious turbulence for some of my characters, so at the moment, their status: Teuthida: Unchanged, IC and OOC. Agness: IC, still struggling with what to say about her shadow […]

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    Nov 5th, 2009 | Filed under Alt progression, Backstory, RP Meta
  • I like to be canon-compliant, but this is absurd.

    I've been working on the Nancie Lighthammer biography since November 1st (I'm behind on my projected count but still confident that I'll finish the story itself by the end of the month — whether it takes up 50,000 words is another matter), and although I'd really like to be as canon-compliant as possible, there are […]

    Nov 4th, 2009 | Filed under RP Meta
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