• I like to be canon-compliant, but this is absurd.

    I've been working on the Nancie Lighthammer biography since November 1st (I'm behind on my projected count but still confident that I'll finish the story itself by the end of the month — whether it takes up 50,000 words is another matter), and although I'd really like to be as canon-compliant as possible, there are […]

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  • How flexible is your timeline?

    When I first leveled up a character on my server, I was right in with the first of the rush. I was L60 at the same time most of the "first generation" were hitting L60, and so it was natural to assume that most people were at the same point in their timeline — they'd […]

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  • Where do you stand on Blizzard-created NPCs?

    Where do you stand on Blizzard-created NPCs? (Leaving aside the obvious answer of "at the gryphon master, of course"…) But seriously, now. Where do you stand on the use of Blizzard-created NPCs in a character's backstory? This varies for me. It depends on a number of factors, mainly having to do with how important those […]

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    Yesterday was not a good technology day in the House of Teu and Val. The Players Romney: The media center in our bedroom. Romney dual-boots into Romney-Vista and Romney-Linux. Shetland: The audio-recording computer in the craft room. Leicester: Val's WoW rig Dorset: My WoW rig, largely inherited from Val's castoffs, which also functions as the […]

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  • 3.1 healer changes… sigh.

    I have the good fortune to be part of a really stellar healing squad with Totally Raiding, Inc.. We're good, and we work really, really well together. I love (love!) raid healing as a shaman; I loved raid healing as a priest, too, but I love the particular methods and spells I work with as […]

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  • Noblegarden: As much as I like chocolate…

    As much as I like chocolate, I may be giving up on Noblegarden in a hurry. Why? It's those damn eggs. More specifically, it's the divide between two schools of thought on the eggs. School #1: Thinks that camping a single spawn point means they have called dibs on that spawn point, and anyone who […]

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  • Signs your main has changed

    If your "alt" gets an epic flappy before your "main" even trains Artisan Riding, you may have a new main. If your "alt" gets to go raiding while your "main" only gets brought in to buff the raid with Spirit (and only then when the disc priest is out sick), you may have a new […]

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  • Let's try this again.

    Ages ago I had a WoW-related blog on Blogger, but I found I had very little to say on it, and I closed up shop. These days, Anna keeps posting Friday Five posts and I keep wanting to write things, and I never end up doing it. And there are all kinds of things I […]

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