• Is SI:7 recruiting dwarves?, and The Tail of The Tinkering Shaman

    (( With Ethel's growing concern about Tiforis and Ovistine's continuing worry over Valinar — what with both of those lads having Shadow's Edge whispering to them now — a pair of dwarves found themselves wondering if it might be good to keep a constant eye on their menfolk. But how to get that eye into […]

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    Feb 22nd, 2010 | Filed under Ongoing RP
  • RP impatience and ICC

    (By which I don't mean "RPing impatient characters". That'd be a different post!) How often do you get impatient for something big to happen for your character? Whether it's a wedding, a breakup, a character revamp, or just having the opportunity to RP with a well-loved but rarely-seen character, there are often circumstances that prevent […]

    Feb 11th, 2010 | Filed under Game meta, RP Meta
  • My ICC wishlist: It's not about the loot

    Well, don't get me wrong: the loot is fantastic. There are many things in there that are outstanding, and I'm collecting Frost badges as quickly as I can — I desperately want the Frost Witch helm. There's even a freaking caster shield in there — AND WE HAVE SEEN IT DROP. (I personally never saw […]

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    Jan 4th, 2010 | Filed under Raid progression
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