Settling things between a dwarf and an elf

Ovistine was glad, now, that she hadn't given up her room at A Hero's Welcome; it would likely be another few days before things were back to normal in Stormwind, and with her flat in the Dwarven District–and the Dwarven District still being heavily guarded both inside and outside the gates–she'd just as soon come and go as she pleased.

So it was back to Dalaran, first for a soak in the tub to scrub the last bits of soot off herself and out of her braids, and then, hair tucked up in a towel, bundled up in a robe, off to the balcony with a pint in hand, looking over the beer gardens.

She'd expected the memories to stay — or to come back, at least. She'd had them, she knew it, but they were gone now, something covering them over.

The idea of going back into shadow was a terrifying one–the last thing she needed was to turn into a trogg–but if that was where her memories were, so be it.

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Jan 25th, 2010

Riots, part two

(( Picking up from here. If you're wondering about Aldras Hale, see this post from the wayback machine. ))

It was times like this Ovistine wished she had a shield like her mother's. There were so many people, and she could only toss out her Light-focused shields so often–though a great deal more often than eight years ago, that was for certain. Still, a hammer in one hand and a shield in the other–she could see the appeal in that.

Two hands landed on her shoulders, and Ovistine didn't even have time to turn around before someone yelled, "Ovi–disperse!" at her.

And the hell of it was, she knew how.

She and the priest behind her vanished into shadowsmoke, and when the axe cut through both their bodies, she barely even winced at it.

She was busy.

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Jan 23rd, 2010

Riots in Stormwind

(( I don't often have the opportunity to get involved in large-scale open RP threads, but when this one came up with the Wildfire Riders (see the timeline), it was something I couldn't pass by. With my girls both having strong ties to people in Stormwind — for good or bad — and with Ovistine actually living there, it seemed more than likely that they'd be on the ground when the excrement hit the Ultrasafe Air Diverter. The rumor that the Cathedral fire might have been started by members of the Scarlet Crusade was kind of the icing on the cake. And so… ))

Ovistine sighed at the loud pounding on her front door. It was a little too easy to guess who the fist belonged to, but she supposed she'd put her mother off long enough. She swung the door open just as Nancie had raised her fist again; the two dwarves blinked at each other for a few seconds.

"Mum," Ovistine said, nodding.

"Lass." Nancie stood back, dropping her hand back to her side and clearing her throat. She didn't look much different, Ovistine thought–no new wrinkles, hair still up in its customary bun to hold it out of the way, still in the same fighting condition she'd been in last Ovistine had seen her. Her armor was a little different, and she wore a red tabard with two white mugs on it, the same sort of tabard Ovistine had seen on the other members of the Boomstick Gang. Ovistine had two such tabards–one red, one black–but hadn't been comfortable putting them on again just yet.

"Were you on your way somewhere?" Ovistine asked. She nodded at Nancie's armor. "Full gear, eh?"

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Jan 19th, 2010

A talk with the elf

(( It should be noted that this takes place shortly before Darion Mograine sends Valinar on a quest in which he's tasked with recovering Light's Vengeance, and several days before Shadow's Edge sends Valinar out on A Feast For Souls. ))

Eight years of journals was a great deal to sift through. Ovistine had, at first, started at the beginning and worked her way forward, looking at entries about her mum's return from the war and all the speculation her older self had done about where Nancie had been, who she'd been with, why she'd come home the way she had–but it was a hell of a lot of reading in order to find out that yes, Mum had eventually gone back to fighting, because Mum was a fighter at heart. Well, fine; Ovistine knew that already.

Of more interest were entries that started five or so years back, entries about an elf–an elf named Valinar, who started off as "Mum's friend from the Stormpike Guard" and eventually progressed to just "the elf".

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Jan 18th, 2010

My ICC wishlist: It's not about the loot

Well, don't get me wrong: the loot is fantastic. There are many things in there that are outstanding, and I'm collecting Frost badges as quickly as I can — I desperately want the Frost Witch helm. There's even a freaking caster shield in there — AND WE HAVE SEEN IT DROP. (I personally never saw the one in Naxx, never saw the hardmode one off of Thorim, and we have only seen the one in ToC twice. Meanwhile, THANK YOU LOOT TABLES for our 48 gazillion Misery's Ends — at least they have all gone to people who wanted them, I think.)

But here is my very quick first-wing wishlist for Icecrown Citadel:

* Saurfang throws Mark of the Fallen Champion on the warriors.

I would have settled for "on the melee", actually, until Valinar got marked one fight and immediately exclaimed "WHOO! Free rage!" Turns out if he gets marked, he gets so much rage he can afford to stance-swap. We have two to three DPS warriors and one warrior tank in our 25-man, and they're all damn good at using those rage bars; giving them all hawt free full rage bars is never bad.

And let me tell you: Chain Heal + melee = THING OF BEAUTY. Not that this is news; Chain Heal + melee is actually why I tried out resto in the first place (I had a group that was two feral druids, a rogue, and a warrior, and we wanted to go pwn a heroic), and ever since I have had a great enduring love for it. Give me three marked melee and I'm your shammy; keeping three full-throttle DPS warriors alive through that isn't a huge problem (especially not when you have talented HoTtie druids and paladins running around throwing bacon — and, uh, Hand of Salv — on people).

Our raid has totally gotten the hang of this fight, even if some particular versions of it are harder than others. We know not to stand in the Blood Beasts. Our tanks are pro. We spread out enough. So I am not, exactly, complaining about the fight mechanics. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't wishing for easymode heals mixed with holycrap hardcore deeps from the warriors on that fight.

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Jan 4th, 2010

Five years ago today

It was December 26th, 2004, and as usual, Valinar had gotten a ton of video games for Christmas. One of the games he'd gotten was World of Warcraft.

I'd heard of WoW. I was familiar with the Warcraft franchise, having been with Valinar and one of our good friends at the midnight release of Warcraft III (I chose the orc cover but ultimately liked playing the undead best; I never had gotten around to Frozen Throne, though), and I'd never known Blizzard to make a bad game, but still… MMORPGs were not my thing. The only one I'd tried was Asheron's Call, and I simply wasn't sold on the idea of a game where you had to put in hours just to maintain your status, or build pots, or whatever.

So on the 25th, Val installed WoW, rolled up a paladin named Vaelen, and played for a few hours. I was distracted by the many books and DVDs I'd gotten, so I wasn't really watching, but he said it seemed like it had a lot of potential, and that I could roll up a character on his account if I wanted to try it out.

On the morning of the 26th, I was up an hour or two before Val, as usual (you'll note that I'm writing this post around 8:00AM, and Val is still quite asleep). I logged into his account and rolled, if memory serves, a dwarven hunter with blonde braids named Agnessa. I was trying to emulate my favorite Diablo II character — I'd played a bowazon with multi-shot for most of the time I'd spent playing the game, and thought a hunter was clearly the way to go.

I spent about fifteen minutes playing — with the naked vanilla interface and no pet — before I went back to the bedroom, woke Val up, and said "Okay, I think I love this. We have to get me my own copy."

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Dec 26th, 2009


Me (as heard by Valinar): Want to log in and play our little Ovis?
Valinar: *cracks up* I think they're called "dwarves", not "Ovis".
Me: I said lowbies! Want to log in and play our little lowbies?

By the way, if you're on Twitter, and would like to contribute to a running list of "stupidest things you've heard someone in a LFG pug say," tag it with #pugbingo! Eventually, if I can find a list of 25 universal stupid-things-heard, I'll make a bingo card (or rather, will set something up to randomly generate a bingo card) and give prizes to people who manage to make a bingo. ^_^

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Dec 25th, 2009

Five questions: Winter Veil

Finally, finally, something dwarves can (mostly) lay claim to! Yes, it's the dwarves who shared Winter Veil with humans — and elves and gnomes and draenei. So it's time for another five questions! How do you celebrate Winter Veil?

1. Do you celebrate Winter Veil at all? If so, is it a new tradition for you, or one you've been doing for as long as you can remember?
2. How do you feel about the more commercial aspects of Winter Veil? Do the Smokywood Pastures vendors bother you at all?
3. What sort of food do you like to have around Winter Veil time? Are you a fan of Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake?
4. What sort of decorations do you put up for Winter Veil, and when do they go up?
5. If you could get anything at all from Greatfather Winter this year, what would it be?

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Dec 25th, 2009

Five questions: Talents and abilities

I really had fun with the five interview questions I tossed out last week, so I think I'm going to give that another shot this week. If you have interview questions you'd like to toss out, I'd be happy to save 'em for a later post!

Talents and abilities!
1. What's one thing you're particularly good at?
2. What's one thing you're particularly bad at?
3. Do you prefer it when your talents put you in the spotlight, or when you can perform them quietly from the sidelines? Or neither?
4. If you could be instantly great at any one thing, what would it be?
5. What's a talent someone else has that you particularly admire?

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Dec 18th, 2009

Why can't I roll on that trinket in a random heroic? This is why.

The other day I took Ovistine — my shadow priest — to Oculus. Now, Ovistine's trinkets kinda suck, so when a Pendulum of Telluric Currents dropped, I was pretty psyched. I was the only DPS caster in the group, so I figured it was a no-brainer that I'd get it.

I tried to click the "need" button. I tried again. I tried again, and nothing happened. I had to roll "greed", but of course others had rolled "disenchant". Sorry, Ovi — now that nice new trinket is a dream shard.

Uh, okay, I thought. I went on to Halls of Stone. This time we lost our healer midway through, and (cover your eyes, RP folks) I went disc in order to get us through the rest of the instance (it was not hard to find another DPS). Well, a Forge Ember dropped. Okay, not the most exciting healing trinket, but not not a healing trinket, right? Everyone else in the group was melee anyway.

I tried to click "need" again. Nothing. Another shard; another disappointed dwarf.

Valinar pointed out, today, this post:

The "need" option is only available for both armor and weapons that are designed for your class. Caster classes and hybrid caster classes can roll "need" on items with intellect and/or spell power while melee classes cannot. Melee classes and hybrid melee classes can roll "need" on the items without intellect and/or spell power.

What do you notice about Forge Ember and Pendulum of Telluric Currents? Forge Ember's base stat is crit. Pendulum's is haste.

Not Int. Not spellpower. Crit and haste.

Hot damn, guys, those are melee trinkets. Or at least the Need-Before-Greed system sure thinks they are.

Until this is fixed — and I hope it gets fixed soon; the GM ticket I submitted got a response that said "we know it's an issue and we're working on it" — please, for Muradin's beard's sake, pass on caster trinkets that don't have int or spellpower. You may get shafted once or twice on this; you may lose out rolling on a shard. Greediboi-NotYourServer the nelf rogue may walk away with a shard unopposed (except by the desperate druid rolling "greed" instead of "disenchant").

But right now, rolling greed on trinkets is the only thing those of us with shitty caster trinkets can do. And we're doing it. Give us a hand, if you can.

Dec 17th, 2009
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