• RP impatience and ICC

    (By which I don't mean "RPing impatient characters". That'd be a different post!) How often do you get impatient for something big to happen for your character? Whether it's a wedding, a breakup, a character revamp, or just having the opportunity to RP with a well-loved but rarely-seen character, there are often circumstances that prevent […]

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  • But why is the boat gone?

    The disadvantage to dragging my heels on things like, say, writing out the Lighthammers at the Wrathgate story is — well, in the end, the game itself moves on, and while characters on their own may not have continuity issues, when your characters are interacting with other characters, continuity in an MMO becomes a whole […]

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    Dec 7th, 2009 | Filed under RP Meta
  • Anticipatory ding!

    I'm guessing that sometime today Agness is going to ding 80. That'll make four: Teuthida (shaman: resto/elemental), Nancie (paladin: prot), Ovistine (priest: shadow/OOC disc) and Agness (warlock: affliction). I might maybe like casters better than melee. <_< When Lich King was on its way, I was really determined not to play my alts. I wanted […]

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    Nov 26th, 2009 | Filed under Alt progression, Ongoing RP, RP Meta
  • Blast from the past!

    Thanks to last night's RP, this is the image that greeted me on login this morning: I had a definite "WHOA" moment on seeing that. I'm so glad I kept that armor and that weapon! Talk about your blast from the past…

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  • What are they doing right now?

    Every so often it's good to do a check-in post for characters — I should probably do this more often than I do. There's been some serious turbulence for some of my characters, so at the moment, their status: Teuthida: Unchanged, IC and OOC. Agness: IC, still struggling with what to say about her shadow […]

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    Nov 5th, 2009 | Filed under Alt progression, Backstory, RP Meta
  • I like to be canon-compliant, but this is absurd.

    I've been working on the Nancie Lighthammer biography since November 1st (I'm behind on my projected count but still confident that I'll finish the story itself by the end of the month — whether it takes up 50,000 words is another matter), and although I'd really like to be as canon-compliant as possible, there are […]

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  • How flexible is your timeline?

    When I first leveled up a character on my server, I was right in with the first of the rush. I was L60 at the same time most of the "first generation" were hitting L60, and so it was natural to assume that most people were at the same point in their timeline — they'd […]

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  • Where do you stand on Blizzard-created NPCs?

    Where do you stand on Blizzard-created NPCs? (Leaving aside the obvious answer of "at the gryphon master, of course"…) But seriously, now. Where do you stand on the use of Blizzard-created NPCs in a character's backstory? This varies for me. It depends on a number of factors, mainly having to do with how important those […]

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    Oct 21st, 2009 | Filed under RP Meta
  • And for NaNoWriMo: A Biography

    I keep saying I'm going to write the Epic Tale of the Lighthammers at Angrathar, and I keep not doing it. So you know what's coming up next month? NaNoWriMo. Now, Angrathar doesn't strike me as being a 50,000 word story. But if you were to go back across the whole of Nancie Lighthammer's life, […]

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    Oct 14th, 2009 | Filed under RP Meta
  • What my emotes say about me

    I visited Teu's armory page today and glanced around at her Achievements list. A particularly amusing set of statistics: Social Number of hugs: 29 Total facepalms: 8 Total times playing world's smallest violin: – Total times LOL'd: 25 Total cheers: 331 Total waves: 18 What we can take away from this, and how it relates […]

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    Apr 2nd, 2009 | Filed under Backstory, RP Meta
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