Characters I Play

Teuthida is a L80 resto shammy. She's protective, optimistic, cheerful, friendly, carries sandwich rations (lately that means fish), and occasionally blasts things with fire or lightning. (Teuthidae, L70 mage, is a secondary incarnation of Teuthida; Teu occasionally gives up her mail armor and shield to practice fine-tuning her fire-flinging abilities.) When not out adventuring, she spends her time with Valyrie, a fellow shaman she's been close to her entire life.

(Teu is my raiding main; she's a Twilight Vanquisher Of The Nightfall, an Ambassador, a Champion of the Exodar, and is currently taking on Trial of the Crusader [still facing Heroic Jaraxxus] with Totally Raiding, Inc., with Icecrown Citadel coming soon.)

Ovistine Lighthammer is a L80 shadow priest. Originally, she was Disc, and had always been Disc, going all the way back to the days when Divine Spirit was a 31-point talent and you had to buff every member of your 40-man MC raid individually. Recently, though, she's gone through some RP that's separated her from the Light — permanently, as far as she knows. She's still coming to terms with that. Ovi has long braids that flap about like crazy when she casts spells, which has got to be one of the cutest things in WoW. She grew up in Stormwind and spent her early years trying very, very hard to fit in and be as human-like as possible; it's only in the last few years that she's found people who accept her for who she is. Her accent will always be kind of humanish, but she's not rewording everything she says to avoid dwarvish phrasings anymore.

As anyone who's heard me gleefully yelling "DWARF SHAMANS!!!" for the last month or two can guess, Ovistine will be dropping totems in Cataclysm. How this happens remains to be seen (I have about seven great ideas for this). Ovistine is also a member of Feathermoon's premier RP guild for dwarves and gnomes, The Boomstick Gang. (The Boomsticks have been doing amazing things lately.) Ovi is definitely the main of my heart, and has been getting a lot of attention lately. I expect that to continue!

Nancie Lighthammer is a L80 prot paladin. She's a former Loch Modan mountaineer, veteran of the Second and Third Wars, veteran of the conflict in Alterac Valley, and Ovistine's mother. While she spent several years in semi-retirement, in the last few years she's come back out with a vengeance and has volunteered to train recruits at Valiance Keep. She hates the Horde with a passion and feels extremely betrayed by Arthas, although she herself never met him during the war. (Her brother, however, was part of Muradin Bronzebeard's exploration force to Northrend.) She's looking forward to "stickin' a hammer where it'll do th' most good", should she ever catch up to him — and she probably believes she could do it.

Nancie has a checkered past about which she is — not secretive, but quiet. I am currently writing The As-Yet Untitled Biography Of Nancie Lighthammer, hoping to be finished with it by Winter Veil; when it's done, it'll be posted somewhere online!

Lyja Bibblebonk is a L71 fury warrior. She's the owner of Bibblebonk Alchemy (previously Dea Sisters Alchemy, and recently relocated from Stormwind to Dalaran), formerly the head of the Azeroth Bankers' Union, and she really started adventuring as… exercise. She was getting really out of breath carrying stacks of paperwork up and down the stairs; if you run down eight bears for their flanks, you get in shape pretty quick! She's been pumping thorium for the last several months, trying to get her arms strong enough to carry bigger weapons. Hey, gnomes need a little more help sometimes!

Agness Dea is a L80 affliction warlock. For a very long time, Agness was a shadow priest, and then she was invited to the Shadoweave Knitting Circle — a club for shadoweave tailors to get together and work on their knitting projects — and started meeting more warlocks. It is not true that she learned to summon an imp because her husband wouldn't buy her an umbrella swift, and imps will hold up hanks of yarn so you can wind them into balls. Vaelen rigged up a pair of Lawbringer Spaulders to hold the yarn ages ago.

Agness has not been able to perform any holy spells for quite some time now. She is trying not to let Vaelen know about that, and has also been trying very hard to keep her imp out of sight when Vaelen's around. She is also very much in denial about what that means.

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