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Ye olde blog author (who also goes by the name of Anjela Bugher) is a knitter, geek, wife, writer, reader, and avid World of Warcraft player. Most of my toons are on Feathermoon (RP PvE), with a couple of rarely-played alts on Sisters of Elune (RP PvE). I raid with the awesomeness that is Totally Raids, Inc., mostly as a resto shaman named Teuthida.

Some of my other alts include Ovistine (my main before Teu), Nancie, Lyja, Agness, and Teu (the mage edition of Teuthida). I have racked up an unholy amount of time on WoW, which is aided and abetted by the fact that most of the time I'm playing with my adoring and adorable husband, on Feathermoon as Valinar and others.

Like anybody who's been playing the game for years, I go through phases where I'm more interested in the game and less interested in the game. I haven't run out of things to do yet, though!

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