• Dimensional Ripping For Dummies

    "So the way I see it is this," Ovistine said, drink in hand, looking more cheerful and animated than Valinar had seen her in ages. "The goblin-type engineers have this whatnot called a Dimensional Ripper, am I right?" "Well, yes." "An' you've got to figure they have — well, dimensions, aye? That they rip people […]

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    Jul 23rd, 2010 | Filed under Ongoing RP
  • Weirdly, I can't delete my account online.

    For unknown reasons (ahem), the page one would normally use to cancel a WoW subscription isn't working. Saving this to try again later — this is what I'm C&Ping into the field. (And, okay, full disclosure: I'm canceling my second account, not the main account. Yet.) I'm horrified by RealID becoming mandatory on the official […]

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    Jul 8th, 2010 | Filed under Game meta
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