In which I cheat on WoW with other games

I have been kinda quiet on the topic of WoW due to the fact that I'm struggling with some raid burnout. My raids are progressing just fine — my 10-man has gotten its first Arthas kill and knocked out a couple of hard-mode fights — and my 25-man is up to Arthas and should be kicking him in the face this week. (Or the other way around. You know how boss fights go.) My characters are more or less in stasis, RP-wise. So I thought I'd do one of those "Other Games I Am Playing/Have Recently Played" posts, just to have something new on the blog…

  • The Beatles: Rock Band. I would like to say that I remained strong in the face of finding out that the XBox 360 has Gamer Achievements (my characters in WoW aren't achievement-happy, after all!), but that would be a bald-faced lie. I am currently working on "How Could I Dance With Another?" (100% on Expert Bass on "I Saw Her Standing There") and "That's It! You've Got It!" (350-note streak on bass on "Hey Bulldog", which I think will probably need to be done on Expert to even have 350 notes). Still, for having owned the game for less than a week, I think I'm learning pretty fast.
  • Starcraft II Beta (only not). I… installed it. But I really play the Warcraft and Starcraft RTS games for the story, not the multiplayer "stomp people's faces in/get your face stomped in" experience — I pretty much did that to exhaustion in college — so having discovered that single player mode is not available in the beta, I'm not so sure I want to bother.
  • Defense Grid. Defense Grid is made of win and awesome and more win and more awesome. It's a terrific tower defense game, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Tower defense games are very me — I like defensive strategy games. (This may have something to do with why I like healer classes in WoW.)
  • Portal. I recently played through Portal again. I found it just as much fun the second time through, only I was better at it this time around. :D That was a nice surprise! Normally I'm not so great at 3d-shooter style games.
  • Cogs. I really need to reinstall this. (I recently lost my entire hard drive to a crash, so I'll have to start it over. Groan.) It's like a 3d version of Pipe Dream/The Very Clever Pipe Game, in which you move around sliding pieces of a given puzzle to get steam from one end of a pipe to another (or turn cogs which turn other cogs, or any number of other things). It has a really pretty steampunk theme, and as a bonus, you can get your menus and other information in English or LOLCat.
  • The Sims: World Adventures. I can only play The Sims for so long before I feel like I've beaten the game, but the World Adventures expansion was tons of fun. I really enjoyed the puzzle-game-esque nature of the "adventures" you go on in China, France, and Egypt. I'm looking forward to the next expansion, which is coming out next month.

That's about it, I think. I'm still looking over XBox and Wii games to see if there's anything else I'm interested in playing — if you have puzzle game/strategy game/casual game recommendations for XBox and Wii, I'm all ears. :)

May 12th, 2010
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