Riots, part two

(( Picking up from here. If you're wondering about Aldras Hale, see this post from the wayback machine. ))

It was times like this Ovistine wished she had a shield like her mother's. There were so many people, and she could only toss out her Light-focused shields so often–though a great deal more often than eight years ago, that was for certain. Still, a hammer in one hand and a shield in the other–she could see the appeal in that.

Two hands landed on her shoulders, and Ovistine didn't even have time to turn around before someone yelled, "Ovi–disperse!" at her.

And the hell of it was, she knew how.

She and the priest behind her vanished into shadowsmoke, and when the axe cut through both their bodies, she barely even winced at it.

She was busy.

It wasn't a flood of memories, no sudden rush–it was as if she'd had a lock of hair in her field of vision, something that she hadn't even noticed until she'd brushed it away. And now she could see everything: her family, her friends, ValinarLight damn it, I still don't know what we are to one another–her abilities, the way it felt to be filled up with the Light–

The dispersion wore off, and Ovistine stayed in shadows. She sent a purple line of chaos into the next man to raise a weapon to her, and he fell unconscious along with a group of people clustered around him. It was enough to get the attention of this part of the room, and when Ovistine levitated, braids twirling, they shrank back a step.

"You're done," she growled out. "You want to leave. You want to get out of here and be somewhere safe."

It was enough for the five people still left standing, anyway, and as they pushed their way out, they took others with them. Ovistine spared a glance over her shoulder, grinning back at Aldras Hale. He looked wary–and weary, for that matter–but he also looked, despite himself, impressed.

"Still think my grasp on Chaos is limited, Aldras?"

Hale smirked at her. "I'm glad I was here to remind you how to use it."

"Aye, well–" She drew herself back out of shadow, and–

–and. And she couldn't remember why she was so damned proud of herself for showing off like that; she couldn't remember why Hale, in particular, made her want to prove she could flay minds like nobody's business. She remembered what had just happened, what she'd done here–Muradin's beard, she could scare that many at once?–but not why it had meant so much to her.

Her mother was pushing the rest of the people out of the Cathedral now, though; there was a bit of motion, and Nancie wasn't one to let momentum turn against her. Ovistine shielded her again and pressed in at her mother's back, staff up in guard position. Hammer and shield, she thought, damn, that'd be grand just now.

She'd worry about her memories later.

Jan 23rd, 2010
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