My ICC wishlist: It's not about the loot

Well, don't get me wrong: the loot is fantastic. There are many things in there that are outstanding, and I'm collecting Frost badges as quickly as I can — I desperately want the Frost Witch helm. There's even a freaking caster shield in there — AND WE HAVE SEEN IT DROP. (I personally never saw the one in Naxx, never saw the hardmode one off of Thorim, and we have only seen the one in ToC twice. Meanwhile, THANK YOU LOOT TABLES for our 48 gazillion Misery's Ends — at least they have all gone to people who wanted them, I think.)

But here is my very quick first-wing wishlist for Icecrown Citadel:

* Saurfang throws Mark of the Fallen Champion on the warriors.

I would have settled for "on the melee", actually, until Valinar got marked one fight and immediately exclaimed "WHOO! Free rage!" Turns out if he gets marked, he gets so much rage he can afford to stance-swap. We have two to three DPS warriors and one warrior tank in our 25-man, and they're all damn good at using those rage bars; giving them all hawt free full rage bars is never bad.

And let me tell you: Chain Heal + melee = THING OF BEAUTY. Not that this is news; Chain Heal + melee is actually why I tried out resto in the first place (I had a group that was two feral druids, a rogue, and a warrior, and we wanted to go pwn a heroic), and ever since I have had a great enduring love for it. Give me three marked melee and I'm your shammy; keeping three full-throttle DPS warriors alive through that isn't a huge problem (especially not when you have talented HoTtie druids and paladins running around throwing bacon — and, uh, Hand of Salv — on people).

Our raid has totally gotten the hang of this fight, even if some particular versions of it are harder than others. We know not to stand in the Blood Beasts. Our tanks are pro. We spread out enough. So I am not, exactly, complaining about the fight mechanics. But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't wishing for easymode heals mixed with holycrap hardcore deeps from the warriors on that fight.

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