(( Ovistine's gone missing after recent events with the Boomsticks — or rather, she's not missing, precisely, she's just not trying very hard to be found. Investigations from Valinar and Nancie have turned up nothing, so Nancie calls up an old friend of Ovi's to see if she's heard anything… ))

When Vaelen poked his head into Agness's crafting room, there was a squeak and a faint puff of smoke. He waved a hand in front of his face; brimstone. Drat. He really ought to consecrate the whole house again. "Agness?"

"Yes, yes, what is it?" Agness hopped to her feet, a few balls of yarn tumbling to the floor as she stood. She drew him out of the room and closed the door behind them. "Is something wrong?"

"Is that imp bothering you again?"

"Er–no," Agness said, eyes darting back to her crafting room's door. "What is it, sweetheart?"

"Oh! Yes. Nancie Lighthammer is on the buzzbox."

"Nancie? Really?" Agness blinked. "It's been a while since I heard from her. Or Ovi…" She stretched up on tiptoe to give Vaelen a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks."

Vaelen beamed at her, and as she disappeared down the stairs, he frowned at the crafting room door one more time. A nice, strong, righteous consecration; maybe that'd get rid of the imp infestation once and for all.

Downstairs, Agness picked up the buzzbox receiver and held the transmitter to her lips. "Yes, this is Agness. Nancie?"

"'Ey, lass. How's things?"

"Not too bad." Oi. If there was another paladin Agness really didn't want to talk to about her recent… troubles… it was Nancie Lighthammer. Nancie was a fine teacher, but not exactly the most understanding Light-user in the history of the Cathedral. "What's going on?"

"Well, I were wonderin' if ye'd heard frae th' wee one. Th' elf says she didnae come home a few nights ago, an'–"

"The what?" Agness coughed loudly. "The–are we talking about Valinar? He said what?"

"Ach, no' like tha'! Ol' Longears jes' went over t' her flat in th' Dwarven District, aye? T' check if she were doing a'right. She–" Nancie paused, and Agness heard a distinct harrumph in the background. "Anyway, heard she's 'ad a rough go o' it th' last week or so. Wanted t' know if ye'd heard anywhat."

"I haven't, no," Agness said, cradling her face in her palm. "But… I've been busy myself, lately, to be honest. I can go check on her…"

"Aye, I'd appreciate it," Nancie said firmly. "Ye tell 'er her da an' I are thinkin' o' her, an' we'll hope t' see 'er fer Pilgrim's Bounty."

"Of course, ma'am."

The buzzbox clicked off, and Agness put the receiver away. From upstairs, there was a thud, and then a horrible screeching sound, and Agness winced as some dust shook free from the ceiling. He's consecrating again, Agness though. Bizpit is really going to hate that.

Nov 24th, 2009
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