I officially have more capped characters than I have since vanilla. ^_^ (I had four by the time Burning Crusade came out — Agnesdea, Ovistine, Trisia and Nancie; I had two when Lich King came out — Teuthida and Ovistine.) Now there's Teu, Nancie, and — *fanfare!* — Ovistine. :)

Dinging 80 comes with such a high price tag. 300g got dropped at the priest trainer! I'm also in the process of picking up materials for Jeeves and my Wormhole Generator. (Mining. So much mining. So very, very much mining.) And Ovi would love an epic gyrocopter of her very own. At least she already has dual-spec; Nancie's still waiting on that.

I think I'm going to bite the bullet and race-change Trisia (my previous mage, L63, herbalist/alchemist-in-training) to be the new Li'l Teu. Not only will I pick up five levels, I'll get free 150 riding (well, that used to be more meaningful than it is now…) and access to my hoard of caster heirlooms. At that point, it'll be time to say goodbye to the second account. I never actually upgraded that account to LK, either, so frankly, a race change is cheaper than doing that — at least at this point.

I have been secretly playing Ovi up the last few levels as, um, shadow. It turns out shadow is ridiculously fun; I won't mind having a shadow-oriented Ovistine around a bit in the upcoming months. In fact, it's kinda nice to have realized that, because it means instead of having a character that makes me think "but… I've got an endgame healer", instead I end up thinking, "Well, hey! A shadow priest! You don't see many of those around nowadays." Whether that'll end up being useful in the long run or not, I'm honestly not sure, but I'd love to get her some playtime soon. I find myself terribly tempted to try PvPing with her, too.

Hey, speaking of dwarf shamans! Were we speaking of dwarf shamans? Oh, who am I kidding; I'm always speaking of dwarf shamans these days. Did anyone else notice that the Earthen in Loken's Lackeys and The Earthen Oath are, kinda, dwarf shamans? Well, they're Earthen, but they have shaman-esque abilities: Lava Burst, Earth Shield, Earth Shock. Maybe another way of discovering a dwarf's innate shamanism has to do with exploring their ties to earth (the element, rather), and not just "well, Wildhammer dwarves are closer to nature, so it just makes sense". (Not that there's anything wrong with Wildhammer dwarves, mind you!)

Nov 11th, 2009
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