Anticipatory ding!

I'm guessing that sometime today Agness is going to ding 80. That'll make four: Teuthida (shaman: resto/elemental), Nancie (paladin: prot), Ovistine (priest: shadow/OOC disc) and Agness (warlock: affliction). I might maybe like casters better than melee. <_<

When Lich King was on its way, I was really determined not to play my alts. I wanted One True Character, and I'd decided that, because I liked the shaman class so much, it was going to be Teuthida. I was tired of gearing up alts, I was tired of chasing down rep for multiple classes — I was really very, very ready to just have one character I played and not have to worry about the leveling, the gearing, the instancing, the rep grinding, and so on.

It hadn't occurred to me, really, because rep grinding is still such a pain, but the major objections I had to alting are now gone. If I want to be exalted with all the factions, it doesn't take instancing — it just takes doing dailies, so all it really takes is time. I'm not terribly interested in raiding with anybody but Teu and, you know, Ovi, because I just want to be playing Ovi, period. I just want Nancie geared up well enough to handle heroics, and crafting handles the bulk of that. I really don't care about gear for most of the rest of my alts — Agness and Lyja and Lil' Teu are more there to enjoy the leveling experience and do some crafting work for me than anything else. (Lyja is 71 and a 450 elixir master alchemist; Lil' Teu is 68 and a 405 transmute master alchemist. Agness is my scribe. I spend a lot of time on my alts herbing!)

So while I do have a list of things I'd like to do for each character, none of them have much urgency or require a big time commitment — something that really felt different back in BC.

As for RP, due to both time commitment issues and my skittishness doing major RP in-game, the RP is usually either off-the-cuff, mainly with Valinar's alts, or written — which means there's time for everybody, and certainly time for everyone to have an active life in my head. ^_^ Some alts will always get more RP time than others, but I'm amused to note that an alt who probably won't see much play time at 80 (Agness) is turning out to be one of my more active RP muses. I suspect it's the interaction between Agness and Vaelen, which amuses me to no end. (I think I also like having a drama-free couple to play with. They don't fight, they don't have angst, they aren't going to split up, and Vaelen will probably never figure out what's going on with that imp.) But beyond that, there's a bit of a parallel going on between Agness and Ovi that I had completely failed to notice before: they're both former Light-users who are both going through an uncomfortable time as they adjust to living without the Light.

I need to make more time for writing!

Nov 26th, 2009
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