• From WTT:RP – Pilgrim's Bounty

    I've been meaning to respond to the WTT:RP post about Pilgrim's Bounty, and what our characters are thinking about all week, but am only just now getting to it. Oh, well — the day's appropriate! For those of you celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving! Recapping the quest text for Pilgrim's Bounty: Won't you celebrate Pilgrim's Bounty with […]

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    Nov 26th, 2009 | Filed under Ongoing RP
  • Anticipatory ding!

    I'm guessing that sometime today Agness is going to ding 80. That'll make four: Teuthida (shaman: resto/elemental), Nancie (paladin: prot), Ovistine (priest: shadow/OOC disc) and Agness (warlock: affliction). I might maybe like casters better than melee. <_< When Lich King was on its way, I was really determined not to play my alts. I wanted […]

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    Nov 26th, 2009 | Filed under Alt progression, Ongoing RP, RP Meta
  • Investigation

    (( Ovistine's gone missing after recent events with the Boomsticks — or rather, she's not missing, precisely, she's just not trying very hard to be found. Investigations from Valinar and Nancie have turned up nothing, so Nancie calls up an old friend of Ovi's to see if she's heard anything… ))

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    Nov 24th, 2009 | Filed under Ongoing RP
  • The Inner Core Of Agness Dea

    In which an attempt to reach her innermost self has the expected repercussions, much to Agness's dismay.

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    Nov 16th, 2009 | Filed under Alt progression, Backstory
  • Ding!

    I officially have more capped characters than I have since vanilla. ^_^ (I had four by the time Burning Crusade came out — Agnesdea, Ovistine, Trisia and Nancie; I had two when Lich King came out — Teuthida and Ovistine.) Now there's Teu, Nancie, and — *fanfare!* — Ovistine. Dinging 80 comes with such a […]

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    Nov 11th, 2009 | Filed under Alt progression, Game meta
  • /played and playing

    At the risk of making myself /boggle, I gave a look to the /played time on my three most-played characters. Teuthida (L80, raiding main): 62 days, 20 at L80. Ovistine (L75, RP main, main up until late in BC): 67 days Nancie (L80, current favorite for soloing): 19 days, 1 day at L80. (A small […]

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    Nov 6th, 2009 | Filed under Alt progression, Game meta
  • Blast from the past!

    Thanks to last night's RP, this is the image that greeted me on login this morning: I had a definite "WHOA" moment on seeing that. I'm so glad I kept that armor and that weapon! Talk about your blast from the past…

    Nov 5th, 2009 | Filed under Humor, RP Meta
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  • What are they doing right now?

    Every so often it's good to do a check-in post for characters — I should probably do this more often than I do. There's been some serious turbulence for some of my characters, so at the moment, their status: Teuthida: Unchanged, IC and OOC. Agness: IC, still struggling with what to say about her shadow […]

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    Nov 5th, 2009 | Filed under Alt progression, Backstory, RP Meta
  • I like to be canon-compliant, but this is absurd.

    I've been working on the Nancie Lighthammer biography since November 1st (I'm behind on my projected count but still confident that I'll finish the story itself by the end of the month — whether it takes up 50,000 words is another matter), and although I'd really like to be as canon-compliant as possible, there are […]

    Nov 4th, 2009 | Filed under RP Meta
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