Fel sheep… in game?

So I love sheep. I collect cute plush sheep. I try to get out to the spring fair in Puyallup to see the adorable baby sheep. The fact that there are sheep prominently featured in WoW makes me unbelievably happy.

I have two mages, neither one of whom has ever learned Polymorph: Pig or is interested in Polymorph: Turtle, Polymorph: Penguin, or Polymorph: Black Cat, because that would mean polymorphing something into an animal that is not a sheep. (In fact, they've both gotten to the stage in the Polymorph: Pig quest where you turn naga into tons of tiny little sheep, which then wander around at high velocity, and haven't turned it in, because when I'm feeling kinda blue, seeing fifty tiny sheep zipping around my computer screen can cheer me up pretty quick.)

I have also been known to make tons of extra Explosive Sheep and just have them wander around like pets. (One of them might possibly have pulled a boss in Zul'Gurub once. Luckily, my raid was very forgiving.)

When the Elwynn Lamb was announced, I was overjoyed! A pet sheep! I figured I would never unsummon it, letting it wander around and graze at its leisure. Instead, Blizzard decided it was the one pet that should get killed in front of its owner… time after time. When I found that out, I stopped bothering with the Argent Crusade dailies. I really didn't want to put in all that effort for a pet that would break my heart by dying repeatedly.

But! I have a thought. What if the Elwynn Lambs are actually sheep that have been reclaimed from Felwood's wild flocks of woolly fel sheep, and you're keeping them around to try to rehabilitate them? What if you've been assigned a protective wolf who will keep a close eye on that fel sheep to see if the demons have truly left it? What if the wolf is only killing the sheep because it's sensed the fel energies amassing, and it knows the sheep will attack you if the wolf doesn't get it first?

Yeah, okay, it's a stretch. But I want a sheep pet, dammit. And it so happens that I have run into evidence that fel lambs exist.

Sure, they say the sound those sheep make is a "snore", but when you first hear it, it sounds like some kind of demonic bleat that requires you to get that sheep back to the Cathedral of Light for an exorcism, stat. It's simultaneously adorable and horrifying!

(Really, my image of fel sheep is that they're sheep that act exactly like regular sheep, only their wool is chartreuse or sometimes a pale red — perhaps only changing color after the sheep reach maturity — and their eyes glow with demonic fire. Otherwise, they graze and wander the meadows like any other sheep. Their wool, however, once sheared, washed, carded, and spun, knits up into incredibly soft, unusually warm blankets.)

Oct 15th, 2009
  1. Nov 2nd, 2009 at 12:50 | #1

    Okay, I do the exact same thing with explosive sheep.

    I also love bunnies, so my delight at the Northrend engineering explosive critter being a bunny knows no bounds. :)

    Just another big reason why I've got TWO max level engineers, and two high level engineer alts.

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