You receive loot: Faction Champions

Things I discovered about the Faction Champions fight last night, speaking as someone who hasn't taken her shaman to PvP EVER and hasn't seriously PvPed since vanilla:

  1. "I like this ship! It's exciting!" It was actually a pretty fun fight.
  2. Earth shield eventually went on a rogue who was stabbing one of the healers in the face, purely for the healing boost. Spell interruption was either total or nonexistent, so I really didn't need the extra interruption resistance.
  3. Water shield on me for the mana boost; weirdly, I used more potions in that fight than possibly in all of Naxx put together.
  4. Completely PVP totem set — Earthbind, Cleansing, Grounding, which were easy enough to throw on the run, grouped or individually (*cliiiiings to TotemTimers*). Maybe a Searing next time. Mana Tide came in VERY handy. I wonder if anyone else was running out of mana.
  5. Approximate spell rotation: purge riptide purge purge riptide CHAIN HEAL purge purge riptide purge SHIT RUN AWAY WHILE PURGING RIPTIDE purge purge HAHAHA HEX SCREW YOU SHADOW PRIEST lesser healing wave chain heal chain heal purge purge AUGH FUCK RUN AWAY… in other words, mess and chaos! But fun mess and chaos.
  6. I never used to want to stab shadow priests right in the (insert name of sensitive body part here), but NOW I DO. Jerk.
  7. I find myself wondering if we might be able to have healer priority for that fight — "while we're fighting X, we must keep A, B, and C alive; while we're fighting Y, we must keep D, E, and F alive". Early on, it felt like the people to keep alive were our melee DPS, which was great, I'm good at that, and I was able to get Chain Heals off with no problem. Later, I wasn't entirely sure who, if anybody, to focus on. Of course, as the fight goes on, it gets easier!

What I learned, above and beyond everything else:

PvP on Teu could actually be fun. o_O That was… an interesting revelation. I will grant you — I would rather (by a factor of eleventy billion) be healing friends and people I actually know than healing random n00bs. And if I'm ever in a battleground with someone who, after taking four times his entire health pool worth of healing and still getting his face eaten because he was unable to kill someone who did not have a healer, tells me, "Don't just stand there, do something", I will, in fact, say "I was healing you, assclown" rather than letting it sour me on the whole PvP experience.

But if I were gonna PvP on Teu, I'd need gear. And practice. And I have no idea how much I'd really like it. And, honestly, it's not really very in-character for her, which is unfortunate. (Nancie, on the other hand…) But hey, it's a thought.

(Dwarf shamans NOW PLZ. Ovi-shaman in battlegrounds? :D !!)

Aug 21st, 2009
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