Pet-Sitting For A Warlock Friend

(( Pet-sitting for your warlock friends is not without an element of danger. Especially if you're a shadow priest who's been more shadow than priest for quite some time now. ))

"'Pet-sitting', she said. 'I'll only be gone for a week', she said. 'I'll bring you souvenir yarn', she said." Agness frowned down at Bizpit, who was chewing on the hem of her robe again. "No amount of yarn is worth this."

Bizpit looked up from the hem of Agness's robe. "Hey, I didn't ask to be saddled with you, either, priesty-poo." He snorted; the hem of Agness's robe puffed with smoke. Agness tugged it out of Bizpit's grip. "Fine. No robes? Guess I'll just have to entertain myself with something else. How about… LALALALAooooooo… OOOOOOOOO… NEEBEENEEBEENEEBEE RATATATAooooo…"

"Oh, dear Light, take the damn robe, just stop wailing," Agness said, shaking her robe at Bizpit. "What the hell do you call that?"

"I'll have you know that was a traditional imp folk song called Make The Dumb Human Give You What You Want." Bizpit went back to gnawing on the robe's hem, and Agness rubbed at her ears.

When the bell tolled for three o'clock, Agness let out a sigh of relief. "All right, you. Time to get back in the box."

"Shows what you know. It's not a box, it's a–" But Agness was already reading from Daisy's scroll, the one with the unsummoning spell, and Bizpit was mercifully fading away.

* * *

Daisy opened the door and gave Agness a hug. "It's so good to see you!" she said, beaming. "Thanks for taking care of Bizpit for me."

"You're welcome! How was your trip?"

"Fantastic. I picked up some amazing felwool–" Daisy paused; Agness was snickering. "What?"

"Oh, no, nothing, just… 'felwool' sounds like something you'd get off demon sheep. Oooo! Scary demon sheep!"

"Right," Daisy said, grinning weakly. "Who's ever heard of demon sheep, you know? It's just… wool from sheep whose ancestors were the first to be bred in Felwood. So anyway, I hope Bizpit wasn't too much trouble. And that scroll worked out for you, right?"

Agness winced. "Well, about that scroll–the fourth time I used it to unsummon him, he sort of caught it on fire."

"Oh, hells–wait, so where is he? He's not–gone, is he?" Daisy looked around, dropping to her knees to look under the couch. "Bizpit! Get out here–"

"No no no, it's okay," Agness said quickly. "I just–I was hoping the scroll itself wasn't very important. I have some vellum back at home, and plenty of ink, so I'd be happy to replace the materials, but the scroll's gone."

"But Bizpit–" Daisy stood up, still looking worried. "If you couldn't unsummon him, how…?"

"We sort of… came to an understanding," Agness said. She looked down at the floor and cleared her throat. "I might possibly have… learned the actual unsummoning spell."

Daisy's eyes went wide, and she grinned at Agness. "Really. That's kind of a stretch for you, isn't it?"

"Right. A–a stretch," Agness said, glancing away for a moment. "I mean, the incantation wasn't terribly difficult…"

"Oh, no, it's a very easy one."

"And I remembered it from the previous times I'd read it, so…"

"You just used it, and poof?"


"But then he's been unsummoned for the last week and a half? Oh, Light, he must be furious–"

"Well, that's the other part of it," Agness said. She bit her lower lip and winced a little as she looked at Daisy. "I, ah–I hate to admit it, but I sort of… didn't… so much need the scroll to resummon him, either."


Agness sighed. "Maybe it'd be easier if I just showed you." She whispered a few words–which were a little too familiar by now–and spun up a matrix of shadow power, generated from her own connection to shadows instead of from a scroll. The runes that surrounded her on the floor weren't as startling this time as they had been the first time she'd done it, and as Daisy watched, Bizpit appeared amidst the sounds of demonic cackling. He glanced at Agness, then Daisy, and immediately grabbed the hem of Daisy's robe, chewing on it with gusto.

"You grungy little–quit that," Daisy said, nudging Bizpit with her toe. "I've been gone two weeks and all you can do is chew my robes?"

"Agness let me chew her robes every day," Bizpit said, and Agness was pretty sure he was smirking. Daisy looked up at Agness, horrified.

"You didn't."

"It was that or listen to him sing."

"But your robes–how many did he go through?"

"Oh, just the one. I just made sure to wear it every time I came over."

"Well, thank the Light, but I'll be happy to fix it for you. Or replace it. Whatever you'd like."

Agness waved a hand. "Don't worry about it. But about this felwool–"

"No, wait, one thing first. Show me the unsummoning trick." Daisy grinned. "You must have loved being able to do that."

"It was kind of nice," Agness admitted. "I wish I could do it with all imps."

"Ha ha," Bizpit muttered. He made a grab for the hem of Agness's robe, but she quickly waved a hand at him and muttered a few words, and he was gone.

"That's fantastic! You really should be proud," Daisy said, collapsing onto the couch. "I'm sure the knitting circle would be thrilled for you."

"Well, I'm glad someone would be." Agness made a face. "Let's just say the husband wouldn't approve."

"Ooh, what's he? Another priest?"

"Worse. A paladin. He'd take one look at Bizpit, yell, 'DEMON! SMITE IT!' and throw an exorcism spell."

"Paladins are like that," Daisy said, sighing. "Seriously, though, what you did shows a lot of talent. You should really think about going to see Drusilla in Northshire–you and Vaelen live in Northshire, right?"

"Near the Abbey," Agness confirmed, sinking down on the couch next to Daisy. "But I don't think Vaelen would really approve of my looking up a warlock trainer…"

"Well, what he doesn't know won't hurt him, right?" Daisy poked Agness in the side. "So tell him you're taking art lessons or something. He'll never know the difference."

Agness shook her head. "Well… it is kind of tempting… and he probably wouldn't notice, as long as I didn't summon felguards in the house or anything…"

"There you go! Really, there's all sorts of ways you can use warlock training to augment your shadow skills. Things that don't require fussing around with demons at all. Oh, but speaking of demons, I did mean it about the robe. Send me your old one, and I'll patch it right up."

"If you're sure," Agness said. "I don't want to be trouble–it's not like I couldn't fix it myself if I sat down with some fabric and thread, I've just been so bored by sewing lately…"

"Well, no worries, I'll take care of it. And thanks again for pet-sitting for me!"

"Any time," Agness said, then grimaced. "Did I really just say that?"

Daisy was laughing too hard to answer.

Aug 16th, 2009
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