3.2 changes

(To be updated as I figure more stuff out…)

+ New quest log: IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME.
+ Sell value: Ibid.
+ iLvl and info on the tooltip: Ibid ibid!
+ Class colors in /say, /channel, /etc.: Woohoo!
+ Heirloom chestpiece: Okay, so I didn't really want my druid to run around in Dreadmist, but for 10% bonus XP, she'll do it. (My other toons that still need a-levelin' are a priest, a warlock, and a mage.)

+ Totem bar sets are kind of nice…
- but they don't eliminate the need for a totem mod. I still need a visible timer for totems with a cooldown (mana tide, etc.), and sometimes I don't have the fifteen hundred mana it would take to switch to my set-with-tremor-totem, etc.
+ Fortunately, TotemTimers still works.
- Unfortunately, the totem bar isn't actually built into Bartender4 yet (I'm not sure I'm ready for an alpha version), so I have resorted to building a bar and putting it up between my character bar and my TotemTimers.

+ Epic riding for 45g!
+ Flight form for 3g60!
+ No, really, FLIGHT FORM AT L60 OMG OMG.

Aug 5th, 2009
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