Tiny Elekks, Tiny Draenei

In spite of the fact that Teu has developed enough personality for me to find RP with her really enjoyable, I'm a little antsy about posting early-life stuff of hers; the timeline on Draenor/Outlands/Shattrath/Tempest Keep/Exodar is so very very difficult to parse that it's been hard trying to figure out exactly when Teu and Valyrie were born and grew up. Ideally, they were kids when Shattrath was retaken and then teenage-y when the Draenei stormed Tempest Keep and managed to retake the Exodar, but it's just bloody impossible to tell how long anything has taken in the game — so far as I know, nobody's given a solid timeline for the Draenei. That might be because of the general Draenei lore screw-ups (sigh)…

But! Imagine, if you will, four or five-year-old Teuthida and Valyrie in Shattrath City, growing up in the orphanage together. This may or may not have actually happened, lore depending, but it is for-sure something that could have happened. Also, I do really enjoy taking random city NPCs and adding them to my characters' backstories (Brandur Ironhammer in the Mystic Ward in Ironforge is Nancie's brother, for instance), so yes, Haronem is an NPC somewhere in the game. ^_^

Tiny Elekks, Tiny Draenei

The tiny elekks might not have been the most attractive toys in the orphanage, but since each child had gotten to decorate an elekk last week, they were the current favorites. Valyrie's elekk had big puffy cones all over it, which she said were spikes for charging into battle; Teuthida had painstakingly glued hundreds of sequins to hers and covered it — and herself, accidentally — with glitter. Two days later, Teuthida was still sparkly, and now that her elekk was dry, she was getting more glitter all over herself from hugging it so much.

Haronem walked over as Teuthida and Valyrie were playing with their elekks. Valyrie's elekk was tromping around the floor, stomping on imaginary orcs, with loud sound effects from Valyrie. Teuthida's elekk followed Valyrie's around, honking enthusiastically, too.

"Let me see," Haronem said, reaching out for Valyrie's elekk.

Vaylrie snatched it away from him. "No!" She glared at him as she cuddled her elekk to her chest, spikes squooshing against her arms. "You made your own."

"Mine's stupid. I wanna see yours."

"I could help you decorate yours!" Teuthida offered. "If you get it, I can go ask for glitter…"

"Gimme," Haronem shouted. He grabbed Valyrie's elekk away from her and laughed. "Mine!"

"Hey!" Valyrie stood up, little hands clenching into fists. "Give Ellie back!"

"His name's not Ellie. It's Eldorn, and — oof!"

Valyrie had dropped her head and charged at Haronem, knocking into him with her horns. Ellie went flying, and Teuthida caught her. Before Valyrie could charge at Haronem again, though, one of the matrons came over and separated them. She took Haronem away after scolding Valyrie — "how many times have we told you? We don't play with our horns that way" — and Valyrie rubbed at her head after the matron was gone.

"Are you okay?" Teuthida asked. She reached up and poked at Valyrie's head. "You didn't hurt yourself, did you?"

"Aw, that old orc-breath couldn't hurt me. But where's Ellie?"

Teuthida handed Ellie over and impulsively planted a kiss on the top of Valyrie's head, like the matrons did when someone got a scrape or a bruise. "Blessings of the Naaru!"

Valyrie looked up at Teuthida, wide-eyed. "It feels better! How did you do that?"

Teuthida beamed. "The Naaru like me."

"The Naaru like everybody!"

"I'm an everybody, and they like me!"

Valyrie couldn't fault Teuthida's logic on that point. "Wanna send Ellie and Elvonka out to stomp some more orcs?"

Teuthida held up Elvonka and honked enthusiastically. Soon enough, the two tiny elekks were stomping around. The orcs were going to be in big trouble one of these days.

Visual aid! Here's one version of a toy elekk. Though it is covered neither in spikes nor glitter — maybe this one was Haronem's. Pretend the sheep is an elekk who was recently polymorphed.


Jul 12th, 2009
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