The Shadoweave Knitting Circle

(( The original Agness was a shadow priest–but with my main (or primary alt, if you insist) being a priest who'd also been shadow for a while, Agness-priest seemed a little redundant. I decided to reroll her as a warlock, and IC, I thought that might be a change that happened very gradually, over time, so slowly that even she didn't quite realize what was happening to her. And it all started with… ))

The Shadoweave Knitting Circle

There were flyers posted just outside the Cathedral of Light; Agness would have passed right by them, but there was a bright purple ball of yarn in the center of the flyer. That got her attention.


Agness pondered it for a minute, then shrugged. An odd location, but not a bad idea. Her last knitting group had dispersed due to scheduling issues, but she didn't have anything important planned for Thursday nights. Lyja and Trisia could definitely handle Dea Sisters and Bibblebonk Alchemy; all she had to do was arrange the time off.

What could go wrong?

* * *

"…Bizpit, if you don't hold that yarn properly, I'm going to stuff your ears in the oven and count to thirteen thousand. Now hold still."

Agness blinked into the darkness. That didn't exactly sound promising, but… the woman had mentioned yarn. She stepped inside and glanced around.

Several men and women were sitting at a back table, yarn spread out across the table's surface, patterns resting on the table. There were a few bottles of wine out, too, and a platter of appetizers in the center of the table, away from all the works in progress.

Someone caught sight of Agness and waved. "Hello! Are you here for the knitting circle?"

"Yes," Agness said, coming forward. "The Shadoweave Circle?"

There was a soft wave of laughter, and the man who'd spoken beckoned Agness over. "Take a seat. We're just getting started. My name's Morriar; this is Trynn; over there with the imp-cum-yarn-swift is Daesienne–"

"Call me Daisy," the warlock piped up, not taking her eyes off her imp, "and this is Bizpit. Bizpit! Turn around, the yarn's caught on your grubby little nose…"

"–and that's Kirch there in the back." Kirch nodded his head at Agness; from what she could tell, he was knitting a hat big enough to fit a Fel Reaver.

"I'm Agness," Agness said, taking the empty seat next to Morriar. "I co-own Dea Sisters and Bibblebonk Alchemy over on the other side of the district…"

"Oh, I've been there," Daisy said. "I buy my Elixirs of Shadow Power from Dea Sisters. Do you brew those yourself?"

"No–yes–maybe," Agness said, laughing. "It depends on how long ago we're talking. I used to brew my own elixirs, but I leave that to Lyja–the Bibblebonk in the name–nowadays."

"You know, I thought I'd noticed something different about those elixirs," Kirch said. "I thought the quality control standards were just failing. But if you have a gnome brewing them, that explains a lot."

"Oh, Kirch, I know plenty of excellent gnome brewers," Trynn said. "Not to mention perfectly good gnomish warlocks."

"They might be good with a Corruption spell, but their potions tend to taste like metal. I bet they use some kind of technology in the brewing process."

"I don't think so…" Agness frowned. She looked into her knitting bag, digging through it for the latest pair of socks she'd been knitting for Vaelen. "I'll have to double-check those. I guess I haven't been as focused on shadows lately."

"And why's that?" Kirch asked.

"Well, I'm trying to get better with the Light…"

"I'll just freshen up our wine," Morriar said, taking an empty bottle off the table and heading for the bar. Agness watched him go, but shrugged and went back to her socks.

"Don't mind him, he's got the manners of an imp," Daisy said, yanking at her yarn as Bizpit jumped up and down. "But then I guess you wouldn't know much about that…"

"I've seen plenty of imps in the field," Agness admitted. "They have this tendency to chew on the hems of my robes."

"That's a sign they like you," Trynn said, laughing softly. She reached forward and took a tiny sandwich off the appetizer platter. "Or that you're walking with shadows. Every time I shift into shadows, believe me, I can't keep the little things off me."

"It could be your–Bizpit! LET GO!–your charm," Daisy added. She sighed as the last of her yarn came free, and she was able to finish winding the ball. "But you–you do have an interest in Shadoweave, still, don't you? I mean, why else would you be here…?"

"Oh, of course," Agness said. She reached back into her knitting bag and pulled out a hank of beautiful laceweight yarn, passing it over to Daisy. "Here's something I keep meaning to cast on with; I was thinking I'd make a shawl with it. It's half Elwynn wool, half shadow silk."

Daisy made a cooing noise and rubbed the yarn from top to bottom. It was a beautiful dark purple that had several highlight shades ranging from light purple to blue to green. "Where did this come from?"

"The Darkmoon Faire. I picked up every hank they had."

"If you have any left over when you're finished with your shawl, I'll find something to trade for it." Daisy handed it back, but her fingertips lingered on the hank for as long as possible. "Anyway, I guess I ought to introduce you to my imp here. This is Bizpit."

Bizpit made a growling noise, crossed his arms over his chest, and turned around; there was a sudden, acrid stench of sulphur in the air. Daisy covered her face with her palm.

Morriar came back with another bottle of wine and cleared his throat. "Are you done winding your yarn, Daisy? Because the bartender keeps looking at Bizpit with this suspicious gleam in his eye…"

"Oh! Yes, I suppose I could put Bizpit away."

"Like I want to hang out with you humans and your stupid sheep stuff anyway," Bizpit said, but he was fading away with the last of it; Daisy had sent him back to… well, wherever imps went when warlocks de-summoned them. Agness breathed a sigh of relief.

"At any rate, welcome to the Shadoweave Knitting Circle," Trynn said. "It's always nice to have another member."

"Thanks," Agness said, smiling. "I appreciate the welcome."

Jul 23rd, 2009
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