The early what, now?

Getting this shirt made me think about my characters, and which of them are morning people. (If you can't guess by the fact that I own the shirt, the girl at the keys? Definitely a morning person.)

Teuthida is less a morning squid than an all-the-time squid. She remains happy and cheerful and bright from the minute her eyes open to the time she falls asleep. Luckily, her companion Valyrie doesn't seem to mind too much.

Ovistine is definitely not a morning dwarf. She's not exactly a late-night dwarf, either (not by her standards), but she has to have a good strong coffee in the morning or she's really not awake.

Nancie is used to this early morning business by now, but she does have an alarm clock. (It's from the Ultrasafe corporation, and almost always goes off at the right time, plus or minus an hour. Geoffar keeps saying he'll get to it eventually…)

Lyja is not a morning person, but can do a reasonable facsimile if she has an alarm clock available. For really important events, she gets a buzzbox wake-up call.

Agness doesn't get out of bed before noon if she can possibly avoid it, and tends to sabotage Vaelen's attempts to get up early, too.

Jul 15th, 2009
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