Chicken sandwich rations for all

Executive summary for people who don't use caster shields: HEY LOOK IT'S A CASTER SHIELD AND IT ONLY TAKES BEATING THORIM ON HARD MODE TO DO IT LOLOLOL.

More seriously, here are the three caster shields in 10-man and 25-man Ulduar put together. (*sigh* Same three shields as there were in Naxx, except the haste/mp5 one has been moved from 25-man to hard-mode 10-man, and we get a socket on the 25-man hard-mode one.)

10-man: Pulsing Spellshield. Deconstructor. Comments are saying that as of 3.1.2, the spellpower has been fixed (73 instead of 37). 46 haste/36 crit/73 spellpower. NOM.

10-man hard mode: Ice Layered Barrier. Hodir. 46 haste/74 spellpower/15 mp5. I wouldn't kick that out of bed for eating crackers. (Er. Actually, if my shield were in bed with me and eating crackers, maybe I WOULD kick it out of bed. Wait, I don't sleep with my shields in the first place! Although if I had this next one…)

25-man hard mode: Wisdom's Hold. Thorim. 40 crit/47 haste/75 spellpower, blue socket with +5 spellpower bonus.

Dear Thorim: Your days are numbered. Fear the wrath of paladins and shamans who have been totally freaking shafted by the RNG over and over; WE WILL PREVAIL. I'm putting in a Costco-sized order for chickens to sacrifice to the RNG gods; TRI paladins, you wanna get in on the action? After the chickens are sacrificed, CHICKEN SANDWICH RATIONS FOR ALL!

May 21st, 2009
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