What my emotes say about me

I visited Teu's armory page today and glanced around at her Achievements list. A particularly amusing set of statistics:

Number of hugs: 29
Total facepalms: 8
Total times playing world's smallest violin: –
Total times LOL'd: 25
Total cheers: 331
Total waves: 18

What we can take away from this, and how it relates to Teu's personality:

  • Though Teu likes people, she doesn't hug nearly as often as some of my characters would, if given half the chance. It's not that she's not touchy-feely — she just only hugs her really close friends.
  • Teu has very little shame and doesn't stay embarrassed for long.
  • Teu is not the least bit sarcastic. I mean, not even a little. That's just not her!
  • I take minor exception to "LOL'd" — Teu is more likely to /giggle or /chuckle than to /laugh. She definitely has a sense of humor, though!
  • Teu is really, really happy and positive, no matter what. Not much gets her down. She cheers at everything!
  • I have no observations on waving. >_>
Apr 2nd, 2009
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