In-character views of Noblegarden

Over at, Aelflaed has something to say about all those bunny ears.

*Teu nods along, going from wide-eyed to squinting in confusion*

…no no, certainly you are not bunny! I–

*tugs pair of bunny ears off head, sells to vendor*

–am not understanding the ears, but–

*tugs another pair of bunny ears off head, sells to vendor*

–also the chocolates! The bunnies, they are laying the chocolates? I did not–

*third pair of ears goes to vendor*

–it is very strange holiday, this Noblegarden, with the bunnies and chocolates and ears and–

*fourth pair*

–for spring fertility ritual, but–

*fifth pair*


*horrified look*

OH! OH! How many bunnies go around without ears because of you people? Awful awful! Where are earless bunnies? I have healings! Poor earless bunnies!

*hurries off in search of earless bunnies*

Teuthida: It's not that she's not smart, but things really do get lost in the translation.  Teu tends to wander around with no idea what all the festivals and rituals are about, although she usually gets the hang of them pretty fast.  However, the people she's interacted with at Noblegarden have been too busy eating chocolate and chasing bunnies to explain what on earth's going on around there, and she hasn't been back to Azure Watch–where she could get an explanation in Draenei–for quite a while.

Apr 30th, 2009
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