Anna's Friday Five: The Argent Tournament and Ulduar!

Today's RP Friday Five from Anna is made of awesome. I've been enjoying the Argent Tournament (more OOC than IC — but only so far) for a whole host of different reasons, to be expanded on here:

  1. Is your character participating in the Tourney? (If no, are you doing it OOC?)
    Teuthida, Ovistine, and Nancie will all be participating in the tournament — in Teu's case, largely OOC (she was happy to champion the Exodar but is a bit bored of the festivities; however, it's worth a lot of gold and I'm trying to get her some non-combat pets).  Ovistine has discovered that she'll be allowed to champion Stormwind and is both excited and very, very nervous, and is working up the nerve to step forward and do so.   Nancie pretty much thinks this whole event was made for her, and if they could just somehow combine it with Brewfest, she'd be thrilled. 
  2. If asked "What is your home city", how would your character respond? If the answer is not their "Faction Capitol" – why not?
    Teu would say "Shattrath", in spite of the time she spent on the Exodar and her ties to the people there. Shattrath is definitely Teu's home city, although she's also really fond of Telaar. She likes sunny, grassy areas best. 

    Nancie is an Ironforge dwarf through-and-through, but her "home" is wherever Geoffar is, especially if Nancie's been adventuring/fighting/at war. Right now, Geoffar is stationed at Wintergarde, helping with the mine, and Nancie is with the troops there. (Nancie and Ovistine have not done the Wrathgate quest line.) 

    Ovistine is a Stormwind dwarf; though her parents were both from Ironforge, Ovi was born and raised in Stormwind. Her parents are Ironforge dwarves, her culture and heritage is Dwarvish, she certainly speaks fluent Dwarvish, but Ovi is from Stormwind (and she gets pretty pissed off at people who equate "Stormwind" with "human"). The tournament presents a little bit of complication for her in the IC/OOC realm; I'm going to play it as if she's representing Stormwind from the get-go, and will definitely be getting her to Champion-level with Stormwind as fast as I can. 

  3. There are rumors in Dalaran that a Dwarven Expedition has unearthed an Old God – how will your character react?
    Teu is not clear on the details of what Old Gods are and what they represent, but is willing to help her friends fight anything. The threat from Yogg-Saron is enough to get her mind off the way everyone's cleared out of Shattrath, as if there's nothing left to rebuild there–at least for now. She is very confused about how being repeatedly bitten by cats is helping matters, though. (Also, I really think people sitting down and explaining Azeroth lore to Teu, in-game and IC, could be highly entertaining…) 
    Trying to suss out what Nancie thinks is difficult, due to the fact that the Lighthammers haven't been through the Wrathgate. (Argh.) Taking this from Nancie's perspective after Angrathar, she's got bigger fish to fry and is not interested in working with the Horde. 

    Ovistine (again, after Angrathar) is very determined to help however she can (and her mum is not happy about that). Her current skills and armor aren't up to par to go up against an Old God, and she knows it, so her job lately has been research; as much as she wants to help, she's also aware that sometimes help can come from archives and libraries, so that's where she's been spending most of her time lately. 

  4. Does your character side more with Varian/Garrosh, or with Thrall/Jaina?
    Teu is not certain about this. It really goes against her instincts to ever trust an orc, any orc, even if they're not fel orcs. For the time being, she thinks they're probably all on the same side, and she's hesitantly okay with that, but she's also the kind of person who would blast first and ask questions later if any orc were threatening her, or looked like he was threatening anyone she knows. 

    Ovi sides with Thrall/Jaina (again, post-Wrathgate; again, this is not making her life with her mum easier). Nancie, on the other hand (again, post-Wrathgate) would follow Varian Wrynn into the flaming bowels of hell itself, and she'd sooner be hung from her toenails and roasted alive over a spit than work with any Hordie. …actually, that more or less describes her pre-Wrathgate, too, but moreso afterwards. 

  5. Meta Question: Are there things you do with your character that are OOC, but have IC rewards? (Reputation for a Faction Item, farming for a non-combat pet, or Dailies/Quests for a title like Loremaster, for example?) Do you have an IC explanation?
    Yes! Teu is farming symbols for a tiny sheep (if it's tradeable, the first one goes to Ovi; if not she'll keep it). Ewes are kinda new to Shattrath, but Teu was very intrigued by them and would love to have a pet with hooves. :D Agness, back in the day, was exalted with Ironforge so I could get her a ram. IC, that was because Nancie was her mentor when she was learning to be a priest, and she ended up in an exchange program with Ironforge; she thought the rams were adorable. There are probably other examples, but I'm not thinking of them at the moment… 

As for Ulduar, I'm sure that'll be a post all on its own in the long run…

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