Hooray for the Outlands

Agness hit L58 last night, and this morning I took her to Hellfire Peninsula.

I'm really enjoying having a chance to solo instead of dual-boxing; while I can't deny it's useful, and I'll probably dual-box Teu and Ovinia [mage and druid], it's a pain.

I love the Outlands. Oh, sure, it's the same old zone I've done with Ovistine, Teuthida, Agnes the First (up to L69), Lyja, Nancie, Trisia (up to L63), and now I've got three more characters to level through there, but consider: I am cheap when it comes to gearing up alts, and even the crafted gear pre-BC is pretty awful. In my first session in the Outlands, I replaced:

Cookie's Stirring Rod with Desolation Rod
Earth Warder's Vest with Goldweave Tunic
Cassandra's Grace with Shadowbrim Travel Hat
Swashbuckler Sash with Foreman's Sash
Chestnut Mare with Swift Brown Steed

Beginning of session: L58, 2644 health, 3831 mana, 156 spellpower
End of session: L60, 3559 health, 4558 mana, 226 spellpower, 9.3% crit

I'll keep posting my replacements as I go. :D I think it's hilarious, and am only moderately embarrassed at the crap poor Agness has been saddled with for the last… um… in some cases, 60 levels.

Mar 18th, 2009
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