Anna's Friday Five: Describe…

From Anna's latest Friday Five:

  1. What color are your character's eyes?
    Well, Draenei eyes are kind of white and glowy, so that's what Teu's eyes look like. Ovistine and Agness both have brown eyes; Lyja and Nancie both have blue eyes.
  2. What is your character's skin like? Does he or she have freckles, tattoos, or other noticeable markings?
    Teu has pale blue skin and has to stay out of the sunlight or wear a hat; she sunburns easily. Most of my other girls have fairly nondescript skin, although Nancie has freckles!
  3. How does your character smile?
    Teu has a cheerful smile that basically stretches ear-to-ear, and her teeth are sharp and sparkly.
  4. How does your character carry him or herself when walking around? What is his or her posture like?
    Teu always looks cheerful and sprightly and proud; she definitely walks around with her shoulders back and her head up. Nancie's the second most up-and-at-'em sort of girl in my collection — no mean feat, considering all that plate she wears around!
  5. Describe your character's hands.
    Teu's hands are kinda willowy, and although she doesn't wear nail varnish, she does keep her fingernails neatly manicured and sharpened. Ovistine and Nancie both have blunt, blocky hands, and neither of them would know a manicure if it bit them. Agness does her own nails, but not very often; she tends to forget. Lyja gets sports manicures — like the boys! — and her nails are kept up well, but trimmed short and unvarnished. She loves those hand and arm massages, though!
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