Signs your main has changed

If your "alt" gets an epic flappy before your "main" even trains Artisan Riding, you may have a new main.

If your "alt" gets to go raiding while your "main" only gets brought in to buff the raid with Spirit (and only then when the disc priest is out sick), you may have a new main.

If you have to change your screen name from your "main" to your "alt" on your raiding board so people will know who the heck you are, you may have a new main.

If the new expansion comes out and your "alt" hits 80 before your "main" hits 71, you may have a new main.

If you're still not sure what the 51-point talents for your "main" are, let alone what they do, you may have a new main.

If your "alt" hits 450 cooking, fishing, and first aid before your "main" even sees a scrap of Frostweave — even though she's a tailor — you may have a new main.

If your "main" is wearing heirloom items she got from your "alt", you may have a new main.

If you roll a second version of your "alt" so she can level up side-by-side with the toon she leveled 1-70 with (in other words, you have a second version of your "alt" purely for RP reasons), you may have a new main.

And, most relevant today,

If you get absurdly, ridiculously excited over registering and setting up a domain and email address which are 100% associated with something your "alt" once said… but you have absolutely no urge to register a domain for your "main", even though you can think of the perfect domain name1, you may have a new main.

I no longer try to deny that Teuthida (and not Ovistine) is my main, but it was a long time before I could admit it! At first, I called her my "raiding main" (Ovistine was still my "RP main"). But at this point, I've put as much thought into Teu's backstory as Ovi's, and I've rolled a second Teu in order to play her with her companion Valyrie.

It's funny that it wasn't hard to admit this before. My first main was Agnesdea, a human priest who now lives on Sisters of Elune. I was happy to make Ovistine my main; this was back in the days when being a dwarf priest mattered a lot to a raiding team. Not only that, I'd gotten into some lovely RP with the foremost dwarven guild on my server, so Ovi had plenty to do! At first I didn't think I had too many priests (Agness stayed shadow, Ovi was Disc/Holy), but eventually — and especially with the upcoming dual-spec ability — Agness got re-rolled as a warlock. I'm perfectly happy with that.

But I do miss the twirly braids sometimes. In fact, when hairdressers came in, I took Teu to a barbershop and got her as close to braids as I could get (pigtails). I'm pretty sure twirly braids add a significant amount to healing, and pigtails come close.

At any rate, welcome to! I'm pretty thrilled to have this domain set up. :) And if I end up with a new main sometime in the future… well, she'll have to learn to pack picnic baskets, that's all.

1: ""

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