"Sandwich Rations" — say what?

Like many Draenei, Teuthida speaks broken Common with an Eastern European accent. Despite the fact that she's been primarily speaking Common for several years now, she still doesn't have the knack of it, and some misspeakings have caught on more than others. (There was the time she said a pair of gnome friends of hers — a pair where the male gnome was madly in love with the female gnome, who barely tolerated him — were off "boinking together". She meant bonking together — as in bonking other people in an arena! The female gnome in question was not amused.)

Her greeting is often "Salutings!", but then there was the time she tried to correct "salutings" to "salutations" — and totally missed. Instead, she said "Greetings and sandwich rations!"

Friend: …I think ye've got that a bit mixed up, Teu.
Teuthida: Oh, oh, I meant…
Friend: I like sandwich rations.
Teuthida: *cheerfully* Well! In that case, it is exactly what I meant! Greetings and sandwich rations!

After LK came out, I ended up fishing. And fishing. And fishing some more. Go figure — I seem to really like fishing now. It may have something to do with the fact that fishing produces such awesome food — including food that replenishes mana! Anyway, for raids, she generally has a fish buffet… but with mages around, those can easily be turned into "sandwich rations".

And thus, "sandwich rations" has become one of the keywords that goes along with Teuthida in my head.

(I pondered a lot of other blog titles — things like Braids and Blastings, Beer and Squid, HealHealHealHealHeal, and so on, but "Sandwich Rations" is weird and unique and makes no sense whatsoever, which I find really appealing for some reason. :) )

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