Mental note: Not all guys are sleazy.

One day, many many many many moons ago, I'd told a friend of mine that I was on Feathermoon under the name of [MyNowDeletedToon], and to look me up if he rolled a character there.

A few days later:

RandomPerson: My, aren't you a fine-looking woman!
Me: /ignore RandomPerson
Friend: Oh, hey! RandomPerson is that friend of yours… he just sent me a tell saying you'd put him on /ignore.
Me: Oh, crap!

I will admit to this: my /ignore finger is very, very trigger-happy. I /ignore people for /yelling in cities (oh, if only I could /ignore Arcanist Braedin). I /ignore people for chattering OOC in the auction house. I /ignore people for using Trade for random babble. I have installed IgnoreMore, and I am not ashamed.

My first toon was a human female. I've also played nelf females, draenei females, dwarf females, and gnome females. I think the highest I've ever gotten a male toon is about 28… I'm just not very interested in male characters, for whatever reason.

And if you're playing a human or a nelf or a draenei, people will randomly whisper you with things like:

Sleaze1: hot ass

Sleaze2: mmmm wanna cyber

ICSleaze: Would you care to make ten gold for a few minutes' easy work?

…I admit, ICSleazes give me a moment or two of pause, because okay, sleaze, but in-character RPing sleaze! It's kind of awesome, in a "please be awesome somewhere else" sort of way.

But, as Anna points out, randomly hitting someone up for RP may be their very first attempt at doing it — and now I feel guilty for all the times I've cut somebody off at the knees and quickly punched the /ignore button.

The other day I was passing through Darkshire. As usual, I had ImmersionRP on. (Agness's current IRP description: "For some reason this warlock is trying to make her imp stand behind her and stay out of sight. It isn't working very well.") I got a tell:

RandomNightElf: You RP?
RandomNightElf: I'd be happy to RP with you in Darkshire.

My first thought: Oh ew! I'm so not going to cyber with him in the undead-infested land of Darkshire. How is that even an appropriate venue? Why isn't he looking for people in Goldshire or something?

Which should have been my first clue that maybe this guy wasn't looking for Deeprun Tram-style action.

I really wasn't up for random RP at the time; I was on my way elsewhere anyway. But I did whisper him to say, "um… when someone with an obvious female name gets a random tell asking for RP, she may be a bit suspicious."

Which is completely true — and completely unfair.

Exactly how are guys — or girls, for that matter — supposed to meet people if they can't whisper anybody in different zones? Is it really so bad to look up the people in /xtensiontooltip2 and ask if they're interested in spending some time RPing? Of course it's not. Not everyone hangs out in Stormwind, and at 11am server time, the server's pretty dead. If you're not into Goldshire-style RP, the crowds in Stormwind probably aren't your style, either. Dalaran might be way too taxing for your computer. Where else do you run into folks? That's what global channels are for; that's what RP mods are for.

So, RandomNightElf, I apologize (and if I could remember your name, I'd apologize in-game), and next time I'll give someone who does that the benefit of the doubt.

(Postscript: You may have noticed that I left out dwarf and gnome females on that list. Is it because no one's ever hit on my dwarf or gnome girls? Actually, no! It's just that they only do that in character, in person. And, amusingly enough, only the younger of my dwarf girls gets hit on — the older one was deliberately designed to look like someone's mom, which she is. It's not a hardship to hear someone telling my dwarf lass, "Ach, ye're one o' th' most bonnie lasses I've seen in ages — would ye take this bouquet frae me?" :) )

Feb 16th, 2009
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