Anna's Friday Five: The Three R's

Ouch! Sarth+3? Still hurty. In any event, I didn't fill out Anna's Friday Five earlier today, so while I'm licking my wounds (metaphorically), here are some Friday Five answers!

  1. Can your character read and write?
    All my characters can definitely read and write, although of all my girls, Agness and Ovistine are the ones most likely to curl up with a book for fun. Those two are definitely into the "trashy" genre, by the way — if there's a "Dwarves of Our Lives" paperback series, Ovistine definitely collects it!
  2. Is he/she good with numbers and business-like things?
    Agness and Trisia are for sure! Agness is better with theoretical numbers; Trisia is better with business numbers. But of my girls, Lyja is the star in this field. She's a businessgnome with an GMBA (Gnomish Masters of Business Administration). Not only is she great at doing things like taxes, she loves it! She'd have been an excellent accountant or banker-gnome, but she's thrilled to have a stake in her own business.
  3. Does your character have a formal (schooled) education or an informal (apprenticed/learned by experience) education? Or both?
    Agness and Ovistine are both apprenticed (Agness to Nancie, Ovistine to Agness). Trisia has no education to speak of and no formal apprenticeships, either. Teu — hard to say; I'm not sure. She definitely seeks guidance from the elemental spirits, but I'd hardly call that an apprenticeship. Lyja, however, went to school, college, and grad school. As I mentioned earlier, she has a GMBA — and it's in finance. :)
  4. Has he/she learned another language than the one they grew up speaking (in full or in part)?
    Agness would speak a rudimentary form of Dwarvish if she could. Obviously, Ovi and Nancie both speak Common as well as Dwarvish, although Dwarvish was the language spoken in their house when Ovi was growing up. Lyja speaks both Gnomish and Common, but considers Common her primary tongue. Teu only barely speaks Common, and would much, much rather speak Draenei if it weren't considered rude to do so in front of people who don't speak it!
  5. What does your character’s handwriting look like?
    People who get mail from me in-game know that my girls tend to leave a note with their items. :) I think most of them have legible, "girly" handwriting, although Nancie tends to write in block capitals.
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