Anna's Friday Five: Sights and Sounds

And now we get to the whole reason I started this blog: so I'd have somewhere to post responses to Anna's Friday Five posts. Today's is Sights and Sounds:

  1. What is your character's most recognizable trait? (If someone saw your character in a pub/on the street, what would they first notice? What makes them immediately recognizable as themself?)
  2. What does your character's voice sound like?
  3. Do they like to sing? Can they sing?
  4. Does your character have a noticeable accent of any kind?
  5. If your character was spending an evening in an inn/tavern/pub, where would they sit? What would they be doing?


  1. Teu is a magpie at heart. She likes gaudy, shiny, gem-encrusted things, and she also likes stuff like Sprung Whirlygigs and "battleproof tinsel". In the Halls of Stone, when Valinar grabbed a Sprung Whirlygig off an enemy, she squeaked with joy and asked if she could have it. He handed it over… and she tied it to her horn. So if you run into Teu, you're going to notice bling and glitter and shiny stuff. Her enchants are often of the "really sparkly" variety; it's amazing she doesn't glow. In the Winter Veil season, she ties jingling bells to her hooves and wanders around chiming.
  2. Teu has a pleasant voice — low alto, surprisingly nice to listen to. It's just that what she says can be so odd and confusing that nobody really notices the voice itself. (When she's speaking Draenei, it probably comes across much nicer.)
  3. Teu loves to sing and is a really good singer, actually! It's one of those things no one knows about her, because she doesn't sing in Common.
  4. Oh, you bet she does. She's got the typical in-game Eastern European accent, and she speaks broken Common and gets quite a few words wrong at that. Now, after four years, some of that is actually a put-on. Her Common isn't quite as broken as it looks. However, she's discovered that a lot of people find broken Common quite charming, so she hasn't bothered to put in the effort it would take to correct it. Also, Teu sucks at languages. She is really, really, really bad at all of them. She may be exalted with Ironforge and Gnomeregan and Darnassus, but she doesn't know a word of Dwarvish or Gnomish or Darnassian. Her Ambassador status has much more to do with her ability to get along with people than her ability to speak the language.
  5. If at all possible, Teu would be cooking or serving something. If the circumstances didn't allow for that, she'd be making happy, bubbly conversation. Teu likes people and likes hanging out with people, but she doesn't need to be the center of attention.

Ah, but I have other toons! Let's see what the rest of the girls are like…


  1. Ovistine's most prominent physical feature is her braids. When she first went to Northrend, she thought about putting them in buns so she could fit ear-warmers into them, but people actually failed to recognize her! Her braids are so much a part of her that I actually think of them as a full-out part of her healing (and gave Teu pigtails as soon as barbershops went live).
  2. Ovi has a perfectly average voice — not too high, not too low. She'd sing high alto if she were singing.
  3. Which she can do if she has to, but she'll never win awards for it.
  4. Ovistine worked really hard to get rid of her accent. She grew up in Stormwind, and the last thing she wanted was more attention for being different. As a result, she started off speaking with no accent, deliberately. These days, though, having met a bunch of happy, wonderful, self-confident dwarves, she's stopped editing the dwarf syntax out of her voice before she talks. She'll probably always have a "human accent", but her word patterns are decidedly dwarvish.
  5. Ovi's pretty quiet. She'd probably be drinking like a fish dwarf, mind you, but would be listening more than she'd be talking.


  1. I think the first thing most people would notice about Nancie is she's an older dwarvish woman. She's old enough to be a grandmum, and has the wrinkles and grey hairs and serious expression to prove it.
  2. Nancie's voice is higher than Ovi's; she'd be a low soprano if she were singing.
  3. Nancie can't carry a tune to save her arse, but boy, she sings with the best of 'em!/li>
  4. Like many dwarves, Nancie has the standard Blizzard Dwarvish accent, complete with all sorts of apostrophes.
  5. In a pub, Nancie would be drinking, laughing, pounding her fist on the table on occasion, and trading war stories. She's happy to sit and listen, but she doesn't necessarily listen quietly.


  1. It used to be her business attire! She carried a clipboard and wore a three-piece suit. :) These days, though, you'd probably have to look twice to be sure you were seeing Lyja; she changes her hairstyle every time she passes a barbershop. It's usually strawberry-blonde — except for Winter Veil, when she dyes it green.
  2. High and squeaky! Lyja's also prone to giggling. A lot.
  3. Lyja will not sing in public. Well, if you pay her, she might sing.
  4. No accent for Lyja! She took diction courses at business school, though, so she's very articulate and easy to understand.
  5. If Lyja's in a pub, it's almost certainly because the pub owner has hired her to look over the books. And she'd find that a fun and relaxing way to spend an evening, too.


  1. Left over from her days walking through shadow, Agness still bears a little bit of haze around her, generally at the hem of her dress. She blames that on the Shadow Silk, if Vaelen's around to notice.
  2. Another low alto here; Agness also spends time practicing her seductress voice. It comes in really, really handy when distracting Vaelen from noticing that imp who keeps following her around.
  3. Agness only sings if she's getting paid for it, but when she does, she's got a smoky torch-singer type of voice.
  4. Just the human accent. ;)
  5. Agness would be sitting by the fireplace knitting, sewing, or doing some other kind of craft she can tuck into a bag.

  1. Feb 13th, 2009 at 11:31 | #1

    … You gave Ovi buns? Damn right that was wrong! Ovistine needs her braids, dammit!

  2. Teuthida
    Feb 13th, 2009 at 11:40 | #2

    All I can say in my defense is that I saw the folly the minute I hearthed. I didn't know dwarf girls could hearth without braids flapping in the breeze! ^_^

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